2009 Ladies Night Out

This year's event was, again, a great time and a big success.

Many thanks to: Kenny Savant (our Bingo caller and entertainment); Russ Grantham (running the lighted display number board); Leo, Ray and friends (who prepared the food); John Richards and Dick Holmes (our bartenders), Richard Breaux (who handed out the door prizes), Dave Meacham (who took pictures); AND the great bunch of  guys that served as our waiters - Anthony Vincent, Joe Cimini, Richard Michels, Tim Kinney, Robin Jacobs, Doug Talley, John Davenport, John Simon, Sidney Arceneaux, Tim Soileau, Jason Meyers, Jason Moon, Lattie Polk, Bill McCurley, Keith Fontenot, Mike Giles, Johnny Conn, Tony Comeaux, Kenny Norwood, John Porche' and Kelly LeBouef.

Also, thanks to Brenda Cimini, who organized this year's event as well as the many generous Krewe Members who donated the time and prizes that always makes this such a success.



See you again next year !